Sammy Davis Jr was born and raised in Largo, FL January 22, 1983. At an early age he showed a great interest in music and performing. However his first performances as a child were not in singing but in dancing as the youngest member of the Country Time Cloggers. Sammy enjoyed traveling with his family all over the state of Florida to perform in competitions and expositions to many of the top country hits by such artists as Alabama, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Billy Ray Cirus, Charlie Daniels and many more. This is where Sammy's love for country music began.

At around the age of seven Sammy took up singing and was accepted into the Florida Boy's Choir. This is where his classical music training started. While with the Florida Boys Choir he performed in many different venues and in conjunction with many other professional groups including the Florida Orchestra. One of the highlights of this was performing with other musicians from around the world in the International Boy's Choir Festival.

As Sammy grew older he continued his musical training through private lessons on piano and in the public schools music classes until High School when he was accepted into the Pinellas County Center or The Arts at Gibbs High School. Here he would be trained in many facets of the arts with a concentration in vocal music. He studied many different styles of music including Jazz, Blues, Classical, Renaissance, Barouqe, Barber Shop and Musical Theater but would never forget his upbringing in Country music.

Sammy Would continue to pursue music through college where he gained a Bachelor of Arts degree in music while also studying business, theater and history. While in college he would gain the performance experience he needed to excel to the next level of his musical career while traveling the world and performing in England, Italy, Austria, and China as well as throughout the South and North East of the United States. He also gained much experience in showmanship and acting from roles he played in the musical theater productions of "Godspell" and "Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?"

After College Sammy broke into the Tampa Bay music scene by becoming the front man for Southern Thunder, a local Southern Rock cover band. After only a few shows though Sammy and the guitar players and drummer for the band left the founding member of the band and bass player to start a new group. They would call it Blackwater Jack, a play on words of their favorite drink Jack and Coke. Blackwater Jack broke into the local music scene hard playing many of the local blue collar biker bars in the Tampa Bay area. Through the next few years Blackwater Jack would gain more and more notoriety in the local music scene and begin to travel throughout Florida and the South East playing many events and bike rallies including Gibtown Bike Week, The Nature Coast Bike Rally and Myrtle Beach Bike Week. Sammy still continues to front Blackwater Jack and has began lending some of his songwriting skills as well as his country influence to the band.

In mid 2012 Sammy decide that he wanted to concentrate more on country music and his songwriting skill. He decided to do so by starting a solo venture and playing out to a wider range of fans performing as a one-man-band. Sammy plays many times a week now solo in the Tampa Bay area with a wide range of country music, southern rock and beach music. He enjoys playing to a wide range of fans at his various venues from the local college hot spots of Soho in Tampa to the VFW Posts and beach bars of Pinellas Country.  Sammy is also working on writing and recording his debut album with his new band Thee Sammy Davis Jr Band. Some other goals that Sammy is working towards include making connections with other local musicians to team up and collaborate on projects as well as making connections with music producers and promoters outside of Florida to expand his fan base throughout the United States and other countries.

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